Hi, I’m Reneé! I want to use this platform to educate others in learning what Autism is, what our sweet girl is like, and updating you on what life is like with a child with Autism. Our kiddos may be different than other kiddos, but they are not less.

Enjoying the Rain

Life has been extremely hectic and tough around here lately. My daughter, Opal, was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum six months ago, so we have been in and out of doctors’ offices, therapies, doing multiple evaluations for said therapies, and then our youngest, Lucy, has started needing physical therapy. That’s four different therapies, 5 timesContinue reading “Enjoying the Rain”

Names Have Power

I knew I always wanted a daughter. In fact, I had names picked out all throughout my childhood! When I was six years old, I made one up! Well, kind of. You know those songs or movie quotes you think someone is saying something but then you grow up and realize that’s not what theyContinue reading “Names Have Power”


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