Enjoying the Rain

Life has been extremely hectic and tough around here lately. My daughter, Opal, was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum six months ago, so we have been in and out of doctors’ offices, therapies, doing multiple evaluations for said therapies, and then our youngest, Lucy, has started needing physical therapy. That’s four different therapies, 5 timesContinue reading “Enjoying the Rain”

Biggest Misconceptions About Autism

I’m going to tell you from my standpoint before I became a special needs parent to an autistic kiddo! It hurts so much now the way I thought and assumed before! I had no idea what Autism was. Here’s what I assumed about people with Autism.-they can’t talk-they can’t understand you-they don’t like other people-theyContinue reading “Biggest Misconceptions About Autism”

To the Momma Picking Her Child Up From Therapy Today, I See You.

Whenever you hear the word “Autism,” there are probably multiple people that come to your mind! But, like I’ve heard time and time again and have known to be true, one person with Autism is one person with Autism. No two are exactly alike. One kiddo may struggle in sensory areas more than another whoContinue reading “To the Momma Picking Her Child Up From Therapy Today, I See You.”

A Girl and Her Friend, Sully

My daughter Opal is three years old. She loves trampolines, playing in water, swinging, and watching a few of her favorite movies. We are HUGE Disney fans in our house, so we’re always watching Disney plus, but Opal’s absolute favorite movies include Cinderella, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc. (Monster’s Inc. AND Monster’s University!)Continue reading “A Girl and Her Friend, Sully”