Why Me?

We have all asked this question at least once in our lives. “Why me?”

There’s no right or wrong answer to that question, and for most of us, we may never know!

We’ve all had our pity parties, our “Why me?” “Why today?” “Why now?” and “WHY?!?!??” We’ve all gone through things, we’ve been hurt, and we’ve been thrown into situations that we didn’t volunteer to be in. It’s so easy to focus on the bad that we’ve been through, that often the good gets overlooked.

Today, I don’t want to focus on the bad “Why me’s?” I want to focus on the good “Why me’s?”

What does that mean? Well, think about it. The bad “Why me’s?” sometimes consist of questions like this, “Why did my father have to abandon me?” or “Why didn’t I get to be a kid?” or even, “Why did I have to grow up with abuse inside the home?”

Those are the bad ones, the ones we wish could be taken away at every opportunity. But I’m talking about the good ones. Some questions sound like this.

“Why did I always have enough to eat?” and “Why did I get to grow up raised in church?” and also “Why did I get to start a family early on in life?”

You may be thinking, why would you even ask yourself those questions? You should never question the good, but accept it and be thankful for it! But here’s my thought.

There are so many people in this world that have had it WAY harder than I have. My dad totally abandoned me, but I still had my mom. There are children put into the system the day they are born. Yes, I had to take care of my siblings and be another parent, but at least I had siblings and didn’t have to face the world completely on my own. We were also abused, but there are far worse things that could have happened to us. We were fed, we were secure, and we had someone to cling to and trust. That was God.

You see, when we ask the bad “Why me?” questions, we are usually blaming God for what has happened in our lives. But, we often forget that in the good “Why me’s?” we forget to give Him credit and thank him. We are so eager to blame God, but why is it so hard to thank Him? I think that it’s honestly because we’re human! We live in a society where it is all about ME! ME! ME! Blaming any and every person getting in our way of success or happiness. We are easily offended by what people do to us and live by our emotions, but I want to challenge you to something else.

I challenge you to remember that when you’re thinking, “Why me?” you recollect on all of the good things God has done in your life. Remember when He brought you through, remember when He saved you, remember when He provided for you, and remember that He NEVER left your side! This world sucks and deals a cruddy hand sometimes, but don’t blame God for that.

Saying all of this, I don’t want you to constantly ask yourself why something good happened to you and not someone else. It is a wake-up call for sure, but you don’t want to be so focused on why it didn’t happen to someone else, that you forget to thank God that it happened to you. God blesses us daily, even if it was in a way that we couldn’t see! When He blesses you, don’t ask “Why me?” but instead, “Thank you that it was me!” Take your blessing and pass it on to others!

Why me? Yes, you!

Published by Life With Opal

Hello! I'm Renee! A wife and stay home momma to the two sweetest girls! Our daughter, Opal, is on the autism spectrum and we love to share our journey with others, advocating and educating all along the way! And reminding others that there is always hope!

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